Love the Life You Live
Dave O'Leary drinking at the George and Dragon
photo by Stacy Alright Images

About Dave O'Leary

Following the publication of Horse Bite in 2011, I began writing about Seattle music for the now defunct Seattle Subsonic. One night after seeing the ever so awesome Furniture Girls at the Sunset Tavern, there was a party afterward where singer Stacey Meyer told me she'd love to see a collection of my music writing in book form. I thought about it for a moment, sipped my beer, "Sure, thanks. Maybe I'll give it a shot." We clinked bottles, and the conversation went on to other things then, but the idea stuck. It grew and transformed, not just a collection of my music writing, but rather a novel inspired by such, a novel woven into the music itself. And so The Music Book was born.

The short Valentine's Seahorse followed a few months later.

These days, I'm doing some research for my third book. It'll be a novel-length version of Condoms On Christmas, which was a short story published by The Monarch Review in May of 2012. If things go as planned it should be finished later this year.

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